“Stop, being so fucking possessive and demanding, Bones,” says Jim and throws up his hand in a helpless gesture. “You can’t control every goddamn aspect of Spock’s life.” “I fucking know that..” Bones snarls right back, glaring angrily at the captain. “Fuck…I know that…I don’t want to control his life. Do you think, I love to be so demanding, to be so controlling? Do you think I love to check every morning if he actually takes his pills, to fight with him day after day over some goddamn medication? Do you really think that, Kirk? God, the only think I fucking want, is that he actually takes his meds, that he looks after himself, that he doesn’t die on me, because he’s too proud or too stubborn to accept help.” Bones let out a growl which was more a sob. “I don’t want to lose him, Jim…”

— thelittlepalecat
Jim watches tears begin to spill out of Bones’s eyes. He stands there for a moment, shocked and guilty before throwing his arms around his friend. 
"It’s the only thing I can do," Bones says. "It’s the only goddamn control there is in his life."
46 minutes ago on 20 Apr 2014

“Fuck, I’m sorry darlin’,” drawls Bones as he hugs his Vulcan from behind. Said Vulcan tenses but instantly relaxes, as he realizes that Bones is the one hugging him. "Sorry about that scene I’ve caused. I just...went a bit caveman there, I admit it. Fuck, I do. But he was all over in your personal space and had his goddamn hands all over you, and I know you don’t like that and I..." Spock almost sighs. "It was not a surprise. You are one of the most possessive human beings I have ever met .."

"Yeah," Bones says awkwardly. "Guess I am. I’m going to try to fix it."

"I am thankful, however," Spock says. 

Bones pulls Spock closer, kissing the top of his head. 

"I do not believe he would have stopped if you had not intervened."

"That’s still no excuse."

"It is not."

"I’ll learn how to behave and I’ll make sure all these officers know Vulcan etiquette."

Spock leans into Bones, letting his head rest against his chest. “Thank you,” he whispers.

58 minutes ago on 20 Apr 2014

“Oh good, darlin’,” says Bones as he pulls his Vulcan closer and touches his priest’s elaborated braided and pinned up hair. "I was fucking worried you would have cut it by now." "I will as soon I..." "You'll leave it fucking alone," Bones interrupts him, gently beginning to work at the pins until the braids fall loose around Spock slim frame. He equally gently undoes the dark braids with his broad, calloused hands. Beautiful. God, he loves to run, his fingers through that silky, thick hair.

"Why do you feel the need to control certain aspects of my life?"

Bones chuckles. “You wouldn’t really cut your hair off, though, darlin’.”

"I have before."

Bones closes his eyes at the memory. Coming home one day and finding Spock, sitting in the bathroom with long locks of hair scattered across the floor and in the sink. He was pale and shivering, clutching the scissors in his hands. His hair was short and choppy, making a horrendous looking bowl cut. 

Bones runs his fingers through his hair, now back to its original length and the reminder of Spock’s earlier grief gone.

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Spock, when becoming a Starfleet officer, was quite a capable one and quickly became Jim’s XO. No wonder - the priest was smart, wasn’t afraid to work long hours, held the regulations above anything else, and saved Jim’s ass multiple times. With his healing skills he also often helped out in sick bay. Bones’ priest over the years has again become his independent self and most of the time no one would assume he had gone through severe trauma after Nero. He had closed himself of and not even Bones was allowed to see him weak anymore.

— thelittlepalecat
So many people mistook this for Spock getting over the trauma. Bones could see right through it, though. He could see how Spock seemed to zone out at times, his breathing hitching, and a subtle shiver in his frame before he returned back to his work. 
Bones could tell that Spock, while not as severe as before, was still hurting. And that hiding it all away would be his downfall.
♥ 4 — 2 hours ago on 20 Apr 2014

Bones wasn’t often required on the bridge and he avoided it like hell since Spock became Jim’s XO. The main reason for his avoidance, Bones would never ever tell anyone, but it was actually his Vulcan. Because yeah he was attracted to his priest, and yeah he fucking liked him but Spock bent over the science console, that glorious ass on display, especially as all that long, lovely hair had been pinned up into a bun, so that it didn’t obscure Bones’ view of that ass, was more Bones could handle.

Jim picks up on it in record time and, of course, teases him for it.

"But if you can’t even stand him on the bridge, what do you to with him in your quarters?"

Bones smacks Jim every time he brings it up.

♥ 4 — 2 hours ago on 20 Apr 2014

“I would appreciate, doctor McCoy, if you would refrain from treating me as if I were something fragile,” said Spock flatly and Bones knew – because of the use of his title and last name, that his priest was quite angry with him. He still almost offered him a hand down the transporter pad, but in the last second visibly restrained himself from doing so.

Spock marched off the pad and headed for the door. 

"If you require me to be examined, I would appreciate Doctor M’Benga be the one to do so."

With the final blow to McCoy’s heart, Spock swept out of the room.

♥ 4 — 5 hours ago on 20 Apr 2014

Priest Spock and McCoy in Starfleet uniform for the dear sherlylawk, because she is wonderful. :D

Ahh!! I love Spock in Starfleet uniform!! Especially with his hair up!! 


Priest Spock and McCoy in Starfleet uniform for the dear sherlylawk, because she is wonderful. :D

Ahh!! I love Spock in Starfleet uniform!! Especially with his hair up!! 

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Let me seduce you with some science, captain…

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seriously go vote for laverne cox in this like fuck does a cis man get more attention for a shit portrayal of transwomen than u know, an actual living transwoman

this is better than anything we could have ever dreamed

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